Rampant with Memory

A Norwegian Memorial

I write obituaries for The Globe and Mail. There’s a revolution happening down at the paper right now, in their quest to stay alive. A few days ago, they launched a splashy new design with colour spreads, glossy paper, and a smaller package so there is more seating available on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission). My friend and fellow obituary writer, Ron Csillag, misses the stain of newsprint compelling him up from the breakfast table each morning to wash. He says the whole thing now looks like a Canadian Tire flyer. 

But I’m ambivalent. I like knowing big men’s knees won’t crowd me anymore and I like bright, crisp images but beyond that I have no firm opinions. I need more time to savour the new look. Perhaps I need to get away from blogging and dash downstairs where this morning’s paper waits for me to uncrease its folds and bury my mind in the words and pictures. While eating my toast a while ago, I did manage to catch some old snaps of Marilyn Munroe in the arms of a grizzly bear while visiting Banff. And another one of her cuddled up to Joe DiMaggio. But that was about it.  

I suppose I am, as a nouveau blogger and internet absorbee, part of the threat to newspapers and to my livelihood vis-a-vis writing. But blog-on I must and this morning it’s to tell you about an obituary I’m currently writing for the Globe.  

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